01/04/2019 | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


5-10 minute coaches warm up


Bench Press (7 X 3)

Work up to as heavy as possible

All sets at 80%+


Real Deal (AMRAP – Reps)

10 minute AMRAP of

Ring rows

Max effort ring rows. Once you break you immediately switch to max effort push-ups until you break. Continue to repeat that cycle for 10 minutes

*I don’t recommend going to complete failure. 10 minutes is a long time for 2 movements and you do not want to be doing singles and having to switch

Scaled option-

modified ring rows


modified push-ups (knee assistance if needed) full range of motion. Chest to the floor

Accessory Work

Scissor Kicks (3 minute AMRAP)