07/18/2017 | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym


Yellowstone CrossFit – Advanced Strength and Conditioning


Run 100

10 foot handstand walks/practice/handstand holds

3 rounds


Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (5 X 2)

Work to a heavy touch and go double


Split Jerk (5 X 2)

From the rack or blocks work to a heavy double for the day


1 minute max effort KB hold/heavy as possible/rimrock ruckus females have to use #70 KB-hold must be goblet style-hands under KB and KB above waist and below shoulders-simulating slam balls until we have them

Row 300 meters

4 rounds

Rest 2 minutes

50 KB high pulls/heavy as possible/rimrock ruckus females must use #70 KB to simulate over the shoulder slam balls-KB must start from the ground each rep pulling as high as possible and back down to the ground

Accessory Work

20 underhand grip pullups – least sets as possible

20 ring dips/or bar dips – least sets as possible

2 rounds