2.9.17 | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


Row 10 Calories

Hang from the Rig – traverse side to side from one upright to the other and back

Sit in a good Squat 1 min. (use the Rig to help you balance)

Row 10 Calories

Hang from the Rig – Turn 360 degrees x 3

10 Front Squats with empty bar


Complete a set of max effort bench press at 90% of your body weight then immediately do a max effort set of strict pull ups. Wait 2-3 minutes and repeat.

Bench Press (4x ME @ 90%)

Pull-ups (4x max effort)


Metcon (Weight)

In 6 min:

Row 500m then…

with the time remaining complete as many Squat Clean and Jerk as possible. You choose your weight for the C+J. Your score will be total weight moved!
You are choosing your weight for this WOD. You can choose a lighter weight and go for higher reps or heavier and fewer reps. It’s up to you! A suggestion would be to choose a weight that will allow you to keep moving without a lot of standing around!