6/27/17 | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


Squat Snatch (1×5, 1×4, 1×3, 1×2, 1×1)

Touch and go. You must complete all reps in a set without any misses before moving on to the next set. You must add weight each set. Taking a step counts as a miss.


Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds for Time:

(Teams of 3)

2 laps Sled Push (#185/135)

4 Strict Pull-ups

6 Ring Push-ups
There is no rest unless you are waiting for one of your teammates at a station. Just keep rotating through each of the movements. (#185/135) is the weight added to the sled, total weight is more than that:). 2 laps Sled Push is down and back, each way is 1 lap!