Jason Tounsley | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym

Jason Tounsley

Hunting, and archery hunting in particular have been a life long passion for me. At 36 years old it was getting harder to make it up the mountain and it took longer to recover once I finally made it there. My diet and lack of exercise were taking their toll on my ability to enjoy what I love to do. I had been a member of a globo gym type fitness center the majority of my adult life but a few curls, some bench press, and a half hour on the elliptical a few times a week just wasn’t cutting it any more. At the end of one particularly brutal day on the mountain I decided it was time to change something. The guy I was hunting with mentioned he had a friend that had just joined a CrossFit gym and loved it. I’d never even heard of CrossFit before so I did some research on the internet that night and Monday afternoon I walked into Yellowstone CrossFit and signed up, that was in February of 2010.

I wasn’t an athlete growing up, I didn’t even play organized sports past elementary school so I never thought I would coach anything but in 2015 I took the Level 1 Certificate Course to be a CrossFit coach. I wanted to help others find what I had found in CrossFit, a no non-sense, no gimmick, fitness program that concentrated on general physical preparedness and long term overall health. Since then I have started to focus on Olympic Weightlifting and have attended several seminars and workshops focused on the Olympic lifts and recently received my Level 1 sports performance coaching certification from the USAW and started 406 Barbell. 406 Barbell is a weightlifting club comprised of Yellowstone CrossFit members and we travel to regional and national weightlifting meets around the state and country.