Trevor Craig | Yellowstone CrossFit | Billings MT CrossFit Gym

Trevor Craig

Born in 1971 I’ve been around athletics my entire life. I played almost all High School sports at some
and weightlifted competitively through my 20’s. At age 32, while working, I fell onto my head from a 16
foot platform. The doctors were pretty convinced that being in shape saved me from breaking my neck.
I still suffered a broken collarbone, #1 & #2 rib and concussion. However, this cemented in my mind the
belief that physical fitness was paramount to everyday activity. I found Crossfit at age 40 and quickly
realized that the philosophy of the Crossfit system blended perfectly with my core beliefs about fitness.
Fitness should be looked at as conduit for a better life and it does not matter the starting point. A world
class athlete or 60 year old overweight guy who has been sitting on the couch will all have a better,
more functional life by getting fitter. The belief that you are too out of shape to start only prolongs the
time in which you are not getting as much out of life as you could be. I like to believe I can coach
anyone but specialize in people that don’t have as high of belief in themselves as they should. There is
an athlete in all of us and sometimes you just need help finding it. I’m still competitive at 46 and love to
push the younger athletes.