Yellowstone CrossFit WOD | Workout Of the Day


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


Using an empty bar do 5 rounds not for time:

5 thrusters

5 C2B pull-ups on a box (the bar should be just below your collar bones standing on the box. You can have 1 or 2 feet on the box to assist in the pull up. Even if you can do C2B pull-ups, use the box to help yourself to solidify the arch/hollow/pull to chest positions)


Front Squat (5×3 @ 65% – 3 second pause in the bottom)

5 sets of 3 front squats at 65% of your 1 RM. We are still focusing on good form and staying tight. If you feel like your for is starting to deteriorate you can drop weight.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Open 16.1 (Modified)

AMRAP x 20 min.

12 Overhead lunges (#95/65)

8 Bar-facing Burpees

12 Overhead lunges (#95/65)

8 C2B
The actual Open 16.1 had overhead walking lunges. To save space, we are going to stay put and do stationary lunges. Bar-facing burpees start with a burpee and end by jumping over the bar, always a two-footed jump.


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


Musical Med-balls: If you get out, still join into the movement of the round, just stand to the side.

round 1 = lunges

round 2 = hop on one foot

round 3 = burpee jump

round 4 = duck walk



Overhead Squat (5×3 @ 60% – 3 second pause in the bottom)

Again this week working on good positioning overhead and stability in the bottom of the squat. Only add weight if you feel you are maintaining good form. Ask a coach to watch you if you are unsure.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

40 DU

40 WB (#20/14)

rest 3 min.

30 DU

30 WB (#20/14)

rest 2 min.

20 DU

20 WB (#20/14)

*Penalty for dropping/stopping during a round of WB is 20 burpees for each stop. Complete the burpees after each round of WB before you start your rest time for that round.


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


3 rounds not for time:

5 Bar MU Transitions (video to follow)

10 Banded Good Mornings

15 Glute Bridges


Deadlift (1 RM deadlift)

Take 20 minutes to work to a 1 rep max Deadlift.


CrossFit Games Open 16.3 (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 7 minutes

10 power snatches

3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.

Women use 55 lb.


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


1. Tabata Sprints

2. Practice Cartwheels (cause EZ says its cool)


Complete a max effort set of bench press at 85% of bodyweight then immediately perform a max effort set of strict pull ups. Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for 4 sets.

Bench Press (4xME @85% of bodyweight)

Pull-ups (4xME pull ups)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP x 15 min.

Start with 5 rounds of:

10 S2O single-arm KB (#53/35)

>>5 on each side

15 KB swings (#53/35)

20 alt. Goblet Lunges (#53/35)

Then…complete as many burpees as possible in the remaining time.
Your score will be all the reps from the 5 rounds plus any and all burpees.


Yellowstone CrossFit – CrossFit


EMOM x 8 min.

Min. 1 = Jump Rope (pracitce going from fast singles to slow singles and back to fast singles)

Min. 2 = Squat challenge (sit in a squat using the rack for balance, keep toes straight ahead, torso upright and scaps pulled together)

Min. 3 = accumulate 0:30 hollow hold on the pull-up rig


Split Jerk (6 x 2 @ 95/55)

6 sets of 2 split jerks @ 95 lbs for men and 55 lbs for women. This is a split jerk, not a push press, or push jerk. If you need to use less weight then do so. Do not use more. Focus on pushing under the bar, not pressing the bar up and your landing position.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time:

12 Ring Dips

24 Pistols Alternating (12 each side)

48 Double Unders